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Call on students

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Foreword. You are student and you use Microsoft software. As for us, we prefer using free software, but we respect your choice: freedom can only be chosen and never imposed. Today, both you and we are victims of the same abuse: we are all forced to buy software we do not need. You, because (in some cases) you can get it for free through the MSDNAA program. We, simply because we use other software. That's why this campaign is for both you and us. Special note for the free, libre and open source community.

My University offers me my Microsoft Windows ® license Worldwide Campaign

You are student and you attend Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics courses. You are about to buy a computer (make a good choice). Through a simple action, you might be able to spare a few dozens of euros. Moreover, you will participate in re-establishing a true and healthy competition between operating systems.

student : look it up

Maybe you can obtain Windows ® at no cost

Through your university or your engineering school, you may be able to get a free licence for Windows ® and for many other Microsoft software. You can then obtain a refund for the licence of the Windows ® version that is preinstalled on your computer.

How can I participate?

Windows ®

  1. I look up whether my institution has applied for the MSDNAA program, and I save a copy of the page that corresponds to my institution.
  2. If it is not the case I can still participate by joining a dedicated team in my country.
  3. I contact the MSDNAA administrator of my institution to obtain the exact terms of the contract subscribed by the institution. I get his/her contact informations by clicking on the support tab on the MSDNAA page of my institution. I forward this information to the Racketware team (msdnaa@racketiciel.info).
  4. The most important point that must be checked in the contract is the following: may I obtain an operating system through the MSDNAA program on a computer initially free of any operating system? If it is not the case, all that follows does not apply to me but I can participate by joining a dedicated team in my country.
  5. If I may obtain an operating system on a computer that is initially free of any system, then I subscribe the MSDNAA program.
  6. I order a DVD with the version of Windows ® of my choice (including the new Windows 7 ®) for a for a small fee, or else I download it for free (onto another computer so as not to use the Windows ® system preinstalled on my own computer, see below).
  7. I choose a manufacturer that easily refunds an acceptable amount of money for the license of the pre-installed operating system (OEM license).
  8. On the first boot of my computer, I do not accept the contract that is suggested to me (EULA) and I do not use the pre-installed operating system (OEM license), otherwise I will not get any refund for the OEM license.
  9. The procedure differs depending on the manufacturer.
    CAUTION: the procedures below are applicable in France. You should enquire about the procedures applicable in your country (we have a list of some contacts).
    Easy: Asus, Fujitsu-SiemensPainful: Acer, Packard-Bell, MSI, Samsung, ToshibaNo way: Dell, HP, Lenovo
    • I install Windows ® (MSDNAA license) by erasing the pre-installed version (OEM license).
    • I request the refund for the OEM license from the manufacturer within two weeks from purchase (see detailed instructions).
    • I receive the refund from the manufacturer.
    • These two manufacturers request the computer to be returned to erase the hard disk, even though they have already been condemned for this.
    • I send my computer to the manufacturer with the required documents within two weeks from purchase (see detailed instructions).
    • I get my computer back with a blank hard disk, and I receive the refund.
    • I install Windows ® (MSDNAA license).
  10. I inform the Racketware team (msdnaa@racketiciel.info) about my procedure so that they can assess and publicize the spreading of this action.
  11. I send a letter (see model) to my national Economic Competition agency.
  12. I mention this to friends.
  13. I mention this to fellow student delegates or board of students.
  14. I mention this to my teachers.
  15. I print posters to advertize this campaign in my University.
  16. I can install a free/libre operating system (like GNU-Linux) instead of or alongside Windows ®. I will then have the choice each time I boot my computer. Usually, I can get useful advice within my university or engineering school.

What is this action for?

Good manufacturer logo

Not only will you spare some money, but your action willsend a strong signal to computer manufacturers and to public authorities in charge: users want to have the choice to benefit or not from a pre-installed operating system, without systematically pay for it in advance. You will thus contribute to showing that you belong to the two thirds of potential customers that want to have the choice of their operating system.

Who does this action benefit to?

To customers: today, the manufacturer chooses the operating system and its version in their place, and dissimulates its price. As soon as the consumer will be able to choose his/her operating system, adoption and development of more innovating systems will be favored.


For more information: www.racketware.info, www.racketiciel.info, special note for the free, libre and open source community.

Publicize this action

Feel free to distribute and display the Campaign poster (21x29.7cm)

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