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The aim of this website
is to help you avoid paying for software you don't want
when you buy a computer.



We invite your organization to be part of the promoters of the worldwide petition devoted to the inertia selling (also known as bundled sales or tied sales) of software, entitled:

Computers in the post-Snowden era: choose before paying!

If you wish to promote it, we invite you to send us your logo (maximum 80x80px) and a brief description of your organization, which we will publish on the support page of this action. If possible, send us a line of HTML that we can insert into the table with minimal editing.

As you will see, a column in the table is devoted to links towards actions to promote the petition. Have a look at our suggested press release and do not hesitate to insert one of our web banners.

In case your organization partly disagrees with the petition text and wishes to express a slightly different viewpoint, you may still submit an entry for the support page. But then please provide a link to a page stating the detailed position of your organization on this matter.

With your help and thanks to the broad audience of the Avaaz platform, we may impulse a larger understanding of this problem. The tide may turn!

Yours, freely,

The Racketware Team.

When promoting the petition, if you go into legal matters, do not hesitate to contact us, as we have cutting-edge experience thanks to a professional lawyer that has driven new, Europe-wide, legal arguments into French court.

Concerning vocabulary, please refrain from using bundled sales. Use rather inertia selling. Read why.

This invitation is also available in other languages.

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