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The aim of this website
is to help you avoid paying for software you don't want
when you buy a computer.

No More Racketware: avoid paying for software you don't want!

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The goal of our action

The goal of our action is to obtain a possibility for the consumer not to pay for pre-installed software during their computing purchase, so as to remedy the current software competition distorsion (AR EN ES FR).

You can help. Act now!


  • 2012/04. Based on European law, French small claims court says imposing the purchase of the operating system is an agressive, hence forbidden, commercial pratice. This decision marks a major step: for the first time, the argument used is very direct. For more detail, see story and legal comment. This makes legal action easy in Europe.


A good manufacturer publishes the price of the software licence and refunds it immediately upon request
student : look it up

Important: sign the international petition and tell your friends!

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